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TMM Enterprises is a Phoenix Arizona based, multi faceted company with the primary offering through TMM Systems Developers which supports several companies through the use of advanced software development techniques. This is accomplished through the Development and Support of WEB Sites, WEB Page Development and the development and resale of Business Applications.

The Business Applications Development is accomplished¬† through the use of a Rapid Applications Development (RAD) methodology. Due to the use of the RAD methodology, business applications can be custom made to a company’s exact specifications for less money, in a more timely mannor, with a more consistent and greater quality. Several existing applications built with this RAD technique are available for resale, and can easily be modified as needed for a fee.

Supported Web Sites

Computer Business

Jafa – Internet Service Provider and Web Page Hosting

Other Business

Parker Fasteners LLC – Specializing in Customized and Hard To Produce Fasteners

TMM Property Rentals – Limited Residential and Commercial Property Rentals


The Band
Great American Original Music

Route 66 Kite Club
The Only American Kitefliers Associated Kite Club In Arizona

TMF Social Club
A Tight Band Of Friends Involved In Harley Riding, Brewing, And The Renaissance

RC Club
Radio Controled Planes, Cars, Boats, etc.


Sunshine Acres Children’s Home
Christian Children’s Home / Orphanage

Other Stuff

Family Goodies
Manson, Parker, and Smith Family Events