Route 66 Kite Club Charter

Route66The Club Charter

Is to have as few official meetings as possible, (if any). To have as few officers as is possible to make it a club. To support AKA through individual membership, club association membership, and the gathering together of AKA members as well as other Kite fliers. And to support no other agenda, other than to Fly Kites, and to promote Kite flying to the community with SPECIAL attention to KIDS, (of all ages ).


Come and join us! Our goal is to have fun! And share the kiting experience. We are attempting to promote club camaraderie through shirts, kites, and banners with the club logo. This should be fun at events where we will all be conspicuous as part of the same club. We will be attempting to share: tips and tricks for stunts; different types and styles of kites; and hopefully, in the future, kite building (no experts in the field at this time). And we will be glad to share test flights of different kites, depending on your skill level, and the discretion of the owners. We almost always have 15 to 25 different kites available at any event, if not more. And typically we get together for drinks and eats after most flys. (Or is it flies? Oops, it’s down!)

General R66KC Information


Chapter Director:
Billy (Mad Dog) Dines

Assistant Director And Primary Contact:
Tom (The Gadget Man) Manson
Work: (480) 891-8042
Cellular: 1-623-202-3408
Home: (623) 939-6441
Please feel free to contact the Gadget man at any time.

Supporter Of Kite Madness:
Jane (Hummingbird) Manson

AKA Region 12 Director:
Glen Rothstein

All related R66KC business, memberships, etc., will be handled on the flying fields. All communications will be handled via E-mail at the following address: All publications will be through E-mail. The AKA affiliated R66KC is a Phoenix Arizona based club, and a non-AKA-affiliated club located in Tucson Arizona, called Coyote Kite Club, can be contacted via:

Route66AZSo come and join the fun!

We will be looking forward to seeing you there.

Club membership not required to join the fun.
We just want to help support AKA, and it’s efforts to promote Kiting.

Hope to see you all on the fields!
And pray for wind! This is Arizona after all!
Gadget Man Manson