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TMFThe TMF Social Club is a tight band of friends involved in Harley riding, brewing, and the Renaissance. Click on any of the links below to learn more.

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Legend Of The Bells
Why Harley Riders Have Little Bells Hanging On Their Scooters

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This club is involved in numerous different activities that span a wide range of interests. We use these interests to gather together and enjoy some fun as well as each others company. Some of the primary interests are as follows:

Harley Owners Group (HOG)
Glendale Chapter 82/84/83
With this involvement we travel to all parts of the United States and Canada enjoying the countryside and camaraderie we share on the road.

Arizona Brewers Association
Many of our members brew their own beers and are active members of the Brewers Association. The rest of us support their activities by actively testing their wares.

Society For Creative Anachronisms
For those that are unaware, this relates to Renaissance Era reenactments and activities. This includes clothing of the era as well as camping materials. We gather together in this garb and have fun in this era’s motif.

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A Great Place For Harley Repairs
ACME Cycle
5411 W. Orange Suite 19
55th Ave. Just North Of Camelback

These Guys Believe In Pride In Their Work And Honor Their Warranty To The Fullest!

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