Chili Run Article From 02/05/05

Thought every one would like to see the nice article that appeared on The side Car about this years chili run.

Over the weekend we were out at the ‘Chili Lovers Cook-Off‘ in Arlington, AZ. We had a great time and the turnout was the biggest ever. We thank all of you who came and wished us well on our 5th Anniversary and for taking the time to share it with us. One of our supporters, Ronbo, came down from Dewey to celebrate with us. He did say he was lost for about 2 hrs. It’s a hard place to find if you are not familiar with the area. We sure are sorry that we didn’t get a chance to sit and chat for a while. We looked for you after we had a really late lunch (which is what you caught us about to do) but didn’t see you.

A Report  from Webwench

What a beautiful day we woke up to this morning! With the weatherman chanting over the last few days that we would have rain on Friday night and Saturday, you just weren’t quite sure what would appear when you took a peak out the window. There were miles and miles of blue skies and not a cloud in sight! There was a light breeze and the day had promise of being the best one yet for this years ‘Chili Lovers Cook-Off’ at the Desert Rose Bar & Grill in Arlington, AZ.

This year we must say was the best year yet. No clouds, no rain, no 60mph winds, no smells from the nearby animals, it was just perfect. Estimated attendance this year was 1200+. Bikes just kept coming in all day. Most were in the mode to eat, have a few drinks, shop the vendors and leave. It was just to good of a day not to be riding. You couldn’t really tell that was happening unless you were watching because the crowd seemed the same size all day. This year it appeared that more people came out on their own to enjoy a leisurely ride instead of riding in with the run from Phoenix.

Chili was abundant! There was no running out this year and there was plenty to go around. Outside for those not into Chili or the heartburn, burgers were being BBQ and they seemed to be flying off the grill. There were vendors for your shopping pleasure and a great band inside for afternoon entertainment. Most years people would pack the inside of the Chili area and the bar but this year many were content to stay outside and catch some rays. There were raffles and a 50/50 that was $400. Half of the 50/50 was generously donated back to the charity.

We will be updating this article soon with some stats from the run and with the chili winners names soon. We would like to give a big ‘Attaboy-girl’ for Terre Bean, TMF Social Club and all of volunteers it takes to put this run on every year. They do a great job and work hard to make this run and ever-growing success. If you have never had the opportunity to do this ride, mark it down on your calendar for next year. The west valley is growing in riding popularity and there are a lot of hidden gems to experience out west.

We have been attending this event for many years and as many of you know this is the run we celebrate’s anniversary. This year was our 5th.  My, how the time just flies by. It was great to see so many of our friends. Some we haven’t seen in quite some time and it was great that they could make it. One of our supporters, Ronbo, Traveled from the cold country near Prescott just to come out and see us. He got lost for a few hours trying to find the Desert Rose but finally made it. Thank You all for support and well wishes.