TMF Social Club – Legend of the Bells

By Gadget Man Manson
(Note: Enhanced From The Thunder Press Editorial)

Have you noticed that small bell on some people’s motorcycle and wondered why it was there? You can find them in America on most of the Harley Davidson’s ridden by seasoned riders. It can be found low on the bike close to the road, which has some importance in itself. It’s more than just decoration-it has a specific function.

As we all know, life has many mysteries that have no apparent solutions. One of these is Evil Road Spirits. The legend is said to come from the orient where Evil Road Spirits plagued travelers with their mischief. Today, these little gremlins can attach themselves to your bike. They love to ride. They’re also responsible for most of your bike’s problems. Sometimes your turn signals refuse to work, or the battery goes dead, the clutch needs adjustment, or any of several hundred other things go wrong. Lose bolts and parts falling off the bike while on the road are just a few of the signs that you have an Evil Road Spirit.

It is said that Road Spirits can’t live in the presence of a bell. The legend has it that they get trapped in the hollow of the bell. Or that their hearing is super-sensitive and the constant ringing of the bell and/or the confined space drives them insane. They lose their grip and eventually fall to the roadway. The legend has it that they have so much evil energy that when they fall to the roadway they cause potholes when they hit. This is evidence that the bell has served its purpose. In the orient these bells were placed on the lowest part of the cart so that when the Evil Spirit falls from the vehicle, it falls directly on the roadway, and cannot bounce and reattach itself to another part of the vehicle or someone else’s vehicle.

If you have picked up a bell of your own, the magic will work but only to a fraction of its ability. It is then essential that a friend or acquaintance give you a bell. The power of the bell is even more enhanced if a well-seasoned traveler gives it to you. In this way the power of the bell is doubled. Part of the power enhancement comes from the experience of the traveler that gives it to you. Some of the givers travel experience is transferred with the bell and provides additional security to your travels. It is said to have the effect of preventing rain or providing excellent road conditions. That is why a more experienced traveler giving you a bell, has more power than a less experience friend or traveling companion. But whether from an experienced traveler, or just a buddy, friend, or acquaintance, it is agreed, that having a bell is a must for any traveler.

So, if you have a friend that doesn’t have a bell, why not be the person to give them one? It’s a nice feeling for the recipient to know you personally cared. And when you do, pass along the Legend Of The Bell. In this way they will understand it’s importance, and will pass the good fortune and safe travels to others.

(Note: The bell, plus a good preventive maintenance program by the bike’s owner, will go a long way in keeping the Evil Road Spirits away for all of your travels.)